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Research & Development

Designers of innovation and new perspectives

The heart of Graphimecc ecosystem supports vision and research to expand your future to new opportunities of growth.

We shape innovation and the most significant progress of Track & Trace field through the study and knowledge. We always take account of future standards: the only ones that counts to give you competitive advantage.

We do not fear knowledge because the challenge to undertake and govern science is inside us. Our Innova Lab is the headquarter of projects and Research & Development activities. It is the place in which the strength and the value of Graphimecc take place.

Our several activities consist of the development of mechanical components, validation of software libraries, patent analysis and definition of special projects. Through the contribution of Italian and International excellent Universities (of electronic engineering, communications informatics, physics, chemistry and mathematics field) and private research Institutes, we have established partnership and collaborations. Our aim is to provide them the opportunity to give a real assistance in the development of new products and technologies in the Track & Trace field, strengthen them everyday.

Special projects

We are able to handle our customer special projects directly, always taking into account their needs and their reference marketplace. Projects of technological development with the transfer of property rights and medium and long term partnership plans are available.


Our method consists of:

  • Defining based functional logics projects
  • Studying and analyzing its practicability
  • Realizing functional mock-up
  • Carrying out functional tests and productive simulations
  • Analyzing the data obtained and estimating the achievable ones
  • Writing the project executive specifics
  • Supervising different phases, managing the work of all the company team involved


Purpose of special projects:

  • Decrease of productive steps
  • Optimization of production costs
  • Realization of new functions and innovative products to respond to your starting needs, which are shaped for you, if they don’t exist yet
  • Through the uniqueness of the solution realized for you, you will achieve a competitive advantage that lasts over time.

Technological Development

We study and develop new costumed hardware and software technologies, based on our costumer specific needs. We are not limited to the theory but we push to realize technology that is supported by accurate validation tests that guarantee performances.

In detail:

  • we develop new electronic and mechanic components (included special materials research, as carbon fiber). Their aim is to improve solutions already existing in order to increase efficiency and competitive advantage.
  • we develop new low-level computing algorithms to manage processes of single component, combining them with software libraries
  • we offer validation service of software libraries and third party products through their low-level integration with typical functioning logics of Graphimecc product.


The Graphimecc Research & Development team works closely with the main European players to file for a patent. If you want to patent a technology realized in partnership with us, we can handle the identification phase, from application to filing.

In detail:

  • we analyze possible overlaps with already existing patent rights
  • we contribute to the drafting of technical claims in support of the patent application
  • we offer technical assistance in case of contradiction with the examiner of the application

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