Know-how and specific solutions for National Printing House and security printers.

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Pilot Program

Configuration and testing of new security products

Leverage our machinery and expertise to produce high-value added final products, verifying the performances.

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Efficiency of a system able to satisfy 100% your production needs.

Thanks to our Encoding Lab activities we support you during your pre-production and industrialization processes. We give you the opportunity to produce final products that 100% respect production specifics, even in outsourcing with our systems.

The partnership with a specialist as Graphimecc will be an additional value for the acquisition of valuable know-how. You can dedicate resources and time to realizing and enhancing your marketplace and your customers.

We help you with seriousness and expertise to chose the best productive process for your product realization:

  • Design test of the product 
    Research & Development activities in assistance of the new security features to create a bridge between the design and the technological realization phases.
  • Industrialization test of the productive process
    Design of productive processes able to integrate technological solutions, respecting the productivity and full costing parameters.
  • Preliminary productions
    Direct assistance in the production of preliminary lots to validate productive processes combined with the realization of samples for the different institutional interlocutors.
macchine graphimecc outsourcing

Print, encoding and

  • Outsourcing for encoding

    Variable data printing or encoding of a RFID based product

  • Outsourcing for converting

    Application of RFID tag to realize smart product (smart label or smart hang tag)

Products that can be realized in outsourcing

Real and countable

  • Placing on the marketplace

    The possibility to enter in the marketplace rapidly and competitively without investing immediately in the purchase of own equipment

  • Optimization of costs

    Production costs more supportable that allow you to focus on the development of an own reference marketplace

  • Power of a specialist

    expertise and know-how of who works with variable data and RFID for more than 20 years, with a certified quality

  • Productivity and 360° assistance

    Huge range of production, implementation speed and assistance during preliminary activities of new products configuration and testing

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