Know-how and specific solutions for National Printing House and security printers.

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Specific solutions for graphic arts, label manufacturers and paper packaging industries needs.

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Innovative products and processes at the service of industrial infrastructures and their needs.

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Innovative identity in evolution

It is inside us.

We have the DNA engineering, a pulsating heart of passion and creativity, fast legs moved by ambition and a rigorous brain that works and governs processes thinking big. It is enlightened by ethic and guided by knowledge, experience and method.

A DNA that feeds and shapes the best efficient solutions to satisfy your needs, developing the future standards.

We are specialized in the creation of the best solutions for every needs in encoding, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. We have working for 35 years constantly developing our methods of Research & Development, increasing continuously our hunger for innovation.

Our scientific approach is the expression of a high quality sartorial and accurate method. It inherits the best component from the handcraft, which is the creative one and it doesn’t allow imperfections and margin of error. The Encoding Village is the headquarter of our productive and technological reality, and it is also the context in which our ecosystem takes shape.

Graphimecc ecosystem

The power of our job is the uniqueness of our ecosystem whether it concerns the answer to an innovative desire or achieving a purpose. It is a positive environment in which we design solutions, improve performances and steadly renovate the field, feeding it with Research & Development. This is a virtuous system characterized by multiple access point and connections: from the training to the outsourcing and the realization of custom projects.

In this ecosystem work three independent businesses reality (Innova Lab, Encoding Lab and Mechatronics). They are always interconnected to create winning synergies for the development of technologies, algorithms, processes and applications. It is thanks to this system that we are able to shape THE SOLUTION for you. It will be the best functional because we always take in consideration your needs and your budget, in order to satisfy any demand of the Track & Trace marketplace.

Research & Development

Innova Lab

Technological development and direct management of special projects


Encoding Lab

Support and know-how to simplify market access



Construction of customized machinery and equipment

Numbers of a successfully reality


Years of our activities


Billions of products we have coded


Solutions we have developed


Countries we work with

Revolution phases in the Track & Trace field

  • 1985

    Graphimecc was born from passion for combinatory mathematics and initiative of Vittorio Avona. At the beginning, the company was focused on the assistance of mechanical numbering systems.

  • 1999

    The craftsmanship of Avona is combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of Andrea Ranzato Vianello. Together they share desire and challenge to create a new business reality with the aim to develop their own technology to become a reference of this field.

  • 2000/2002

    Thanks to the partnership with Polygraphic Insitute and National mint, Graphimecc is commissioned to design a new system for the serialization of pharmaceuticals in Italy: the pharmaceutical tax seal (BOF). It is the first system 100% certified with zero error for encoding, traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

  • 2009

    There is a new phase of growth set off by a sensitive capitalization of the company and a new corporate structure.

  • 2012

    Encoding Lab was born and represents the heart of Research & Development activity of Graphimecc. Every day processes and technologies developed by different design teams are tested.

  • 2014

    The new production and technology headquarter is inaugurated, the Encoding Village. A centre of innovation and excellence, a real international reference in the context of encoding, traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

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