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Morph Code

A fixed/variable data in automatic reading patented by Graphimecc, highly custom to offer you a competitive advantage and to increase your final customer loyalty.

The Morph Code is a solution invented and patented by Graphimecc in the 2019. It is a fixed/variable data that, based on need and through the item abled to detect it, allows the access on different types of contents: website, apps, discounts, events etc.

Compared to standard codes, the power of the Morph Code is the personalization. It is composed by:

  • a fixed form (can be a square, rectangle or can be correspond to the company logo if it has a flat logo)
  • variable elements within the fixed form that can be costumed (geometric shapes, icons, images etc.)

Furthermore, Graphimecc:

  • realizes software libraries to detect the code and make them available to the customer
  • makes available images of each code to be printed to the customer
  • can print Morph Code on labels or other materials in reel/single price/sheet, even for others using its own systems


  • Variable data with attractive aesthetics

    allows you to differentiate from your competitors

  • Possibility to increase final customer loyalty

    realize strategies of viral marketing

  • Greater security and counterfeiting guarantee

    it is a non-standard code (compared to OCR, barcode etc.)

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