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Innovative products and processes at the service of industrial infrastructures and their needs.

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Consultation and training signed by Graphimecc

Our purpose? Develop and transfer all the necessary know-how to enter successfully in the encoding and RFID marketplace.

To work in a complicated system as Track & Trace, it is necessary to analyze technologies and processes with the best specialists in this field.

Graphimecc works for more than 35 years in the field of innovations and also encoding, traceability, anti-counterfeiting studies and researches. We have decided to share our knowledge with the most forward-looking companies that work with expertise and professionality.

We provide consultation and valuable training during seminars and focus group. It is possible thanks to two pillars of our innovative ecosystem that power the Academy Graphimecc: Innova Lab (R&D) and Encoding Lab (helps companies enter in the marketplace).

100% Track & Trace focused consultation

We put our huge scientific and technologic knowledge at the service of our customer, to support and guide them for the best opportunity in the Track & Trace field through an unique specific consultation. Our consultation activities concern print for serialization, optical recognition, industrial automation and RFID world whose we are certified specialists.

Some examples of the needs we have managed and we can handle successfully to support your business:

  • Study of the best solution to realize your current and future products
  • Warehouse automation
  • Final product traceability
  • Customer engagement development
  • Fight against counterfeiting

High-level Training

We organize and provide seminars and focus group to transfer valuable know-how to deal with encoding and RFID marketplace successfully.

Training activities, addressed to the qualification of technical and commercial staff, consist in different paths and different professional figures: machine operator, supervisor, Production Manager, sellers, Product Manager, business Manager.


The seminar are focused meetings that deal with variable data or RFID technology. Thanks to the competence and precision of our method, these wide and problematic themes are examined from multiple perspectives in order to provide all necessary instruments so that they understand and sell them most effectively. During our seminar we cope with:

  • Analysis of specific marketplace problems
  • Upgrading of skills and knowledge for the sale of specific technologies. The aim is to improve presentation phase and products and technologies sale phases.
  • Fulfillment of personalized documentation that stands out and describes in details the most strategic levers to the sale in the encoding, traceability and anti-counterfeiting world.

Focus group

The focus groups are comparison sessions and training on delicate contents, custom for single client needs. It is the best way to find solutions for specific problems in order to lay the foundations for personalized strategies and actions.

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