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Smart Label Jacquard

Jacquard woven label and its RFID TAG applied to the back.

Jacquard woven label is sewed at the extremity and it has the brand logo which is perceived as valuable.

The RFID TAG might be applied in the inner side of the label, the one with exposed wires. It might report different information depending on the chosen technology (UHF, HF, HF NFC) and on the use decided by final customer.

The Smart Label Jacquard is designed by:

  • machinery of our ZERO line that are 100% specialized in encoding and print quality control to get a final product with zero error.
  • converting machinery of our REVO line, designed to apply the RFID TAG on the final product.


  • Product traceability

    all along the supply chain to avoid any leakage

  • Fight against counterfeiting

    possibility to identify not original products

  • Customer engagement and interaction with final customer

    Examples: link to a specific website; check the origin of the product bought; participate to contest; get discounts etc.

  • Optimization of the inventory and logistic processes

    thanks to a greater precision and to the time reduction

  • Out of Stock and Shrink reduction
  • Assistance to the Omni-Channel strategies

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