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Smart Booklet

Booklet with uncover encoding in automatic reading, visible or invisible (as OCR, barcodes or QR codes), combined with RFID technology. They will be used for logistic processes, traceability, fight against counterfeiting and customer engagement.

Thick label that can be opened like a small book, useful to give information of the corresponding product. It can report a personalization section in which univocal/id codes and a RFID TAG are printed. Thanks to it, the product become smarter.

This encoding activity (electronic DNA) substantially reduces the possibility to counterfeit products. Another important function is the products survey remotely that is useful for tracking products without opening the secondary packaging. 

The Smart Booklet is designed by:

  • machinery of our ZERO line that are 100% specialized in encoding and print quality control to get a final product with zero error. 
  • converting machinery of our REVO line, designed to apply the RFID TAG on the final product.


  • Product traceability

    all along the supply chain

  • Fight against counterfeiting

    possibility to identify not original products

  • Customer engagement and interaction with final customer

    Examples: link to a specific website; check the origin of the product bought; participate to contest; get discounts etc.

  • Effectiveness of logistic processes

    thanks to the possibility to identify the product without opening secondary packaging (even at distance greater than 10 m) and to detect more products simultaneously with a single instrument (e.g RFID cash payment)

  • Supply chain automation

    from storehouse to inventory activities

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