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Case with uncover encoding in automatic reading, visible or invisible(as OCR, barcodes or QR codes). They will be used for traceability, fight against counterfeiting and customer engagement.

The cardboard case represents the packaging of different products (medicine boxes, supplements, pasta etc.).

The case has both a layout and a personalization section, in which univocal/id codes are printed: barcode, datamatrix, QRcode etc.

The case is designed by machinery of our ZERO line that are 100% specialized in encoding and print quality control to get a final product with zero error. 


  • Product traceability

    all along the production chain

  • Fight against counterfeiting

    possibility to identify not original products

  • Customer engagement e interaction with final customer

    Examples: link to a specific website; check the origin of the product; participate to contest; get discounts etc.

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