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Pharmaceutical Stamp

State seals intended for the distribution of pharmaceutical products related to the application of anti-fraud politics.

Within pharmaceutical stamp (BOF) there are hidden security elements and visible traceability elements, which are attributable to an uncover encoding in automatic reading (as OCR, barcodes or QR codes) and RFID technology.

The strength of the product is its uniqueness guarantee which is related to its full traceability made by an informatic centralized system managed by A.I.F.A. (Italian Agency of the Medicine).

Another advantage is the precise supervision on the medical cost and the refund that is managed by the National Healthcare System.

After a development phase (both of process and technologies) lasted more than four years, the pharmaceutical stamp has been introduced in Italy since 2003. By then, the registration of every single package of pharmaceutical products produced and distributed around the country was allowed. Thanks to it, counterfeiting cases were significantly reduced to the point of becoming occasional. In Europe they amount to 10%, in Italy only to 0,1% and they are promptly intersected and stopped.

Pharmaceutical stamp is designed by machinery of our ZERO line that are 100% specialized in encoding and print quality control to get a final product with zero error.


  • Product traceability

    all along the production chain with the possibility to identify precisely each medicine package

  • Fight against counterfeiting

    possibility to identify and stop not original products quickly, even if rare

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