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A system that allows you to encode automatically and 100% certify products with RFID TAG respecting all the production specifics.

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With this machine, it is possible:

  • read data within a RFID TAG (EPC etc.)
  • encode the RFID TAG respecting the production specifics of the customer and thanks to the presence of two RFID readers: one is related to the encoding, the other one to the encoding and to the control.

Non-conforming products (e.g underperforming RFID, bad TAG or RFID encoded incorrectly compared to the production specifications) are identified, marked and removed automatically. Then, there is a further checking phase, at the end of which final products are certified as 100% suitable, with zero error.

A technology that resolve at its roots the problem of the customer objections, thanks to the production report of quality and automatic removal of all the damaged products.


  • The strength of a system specifically designed to not damage the RFID

    during all the productive process

  • Certification of final products 100% compliant with zero error

    to obtain a competitive advantage

  • Elimination of the human error in the quality checking phase

    it is the machine that intervene in each manual action of the operator by capturing and verifying it

  • Realization of report of production

    to be provided to the final customer as "quality certification"

  • Total automatized features

    to be at the level of the 4.0 industry

  • Simplicity of use

    interface extremely usable software

  • Possibility to work with a single machine all types of RFID

    UHF - HF - HF NFC

  • Flexibility and possibility to manage without problems different types of materials

    paper, cardboard, self-adhesive labels, transparent material, aluminum, textile etc.

  • Customer machine

    based on the needs with a huge range of optional

Products that can be produced by this machine

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