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A machine that allows to manage at high performances each printing needs of the variable data and the relative printing quality of sheet products; respecting to the maximum the security printing needs.

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With this machine it is possible print or encode, in full respect of the sequences, one or more fixed or variable data (e.g OCR, data matrix, QR code, barcone etc.) on the final products, according to the production needs.

Non-conforming products (e.g bearing printing problems or uncorrect variable data according to the production specifications) are identified, marked and deleted automatically. Following the verification process, there is a further control phase, at the end of which final products are certified as 100% suitable, with zero errors.

For security reasons we chose not to show publicly any machine layouts. If you are interested or you wish more information, you can order an appointment with our HSP team.

Components and advantages

  • Feeder

    High stack feeder with pneumatic gripping head

  • Print systems

    Huge range of specifically developed features for the printing of fixed or variable data on security products. They allow high speed management of UV, Water and Solvents based printing systems that can be equipped with HSP specific inks (fluorescence, security pigments etc.)

  • Camera inspection systems

    Huge range of specifically developed features for the management of background printing control (printing quality) and of variable elements (variable data) with the possibility to set up the control over the entire optical spectrum

  • Automatic error management systems

    Fully automated error management systems for a final products configuration that meets the guidelines ISO 22382

  • Various function modules

    Huge range of functional modules that can be integrated according to specific customer needs: Labeling, Matching, R/RW RFID

  • Machine output

    Possibility to customize machine output based on the production needs with with pack stacking system

Products that can be produced by this machine

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