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New Opportunities For Security Printing With GRAPHIMECC’s VARIABLE DATA & IMAGE Full Colour Print

New opportunities for Security Printing with GRAPHIMECC’s VARIABLE DATA & IMAGE Full Colour print

Just over a week at the opening of LABELEXPO 2017.

Don’t miss the official presentation of the new “MODULE VDC 350 Full Colour”.

Recognized by many Security Printing operators as the standard for 100% certification of finished product, the machines VDC – Variable Data Certification systems, enriched with a new model.

With the integration of the DOMINO N610i colour printing module (6c + 2W), new and powerful features such as variable colour codes printing and variable image printing with mosaic functionality are now available.

With the simple choice of one of 14 different production configurations, each encoding request is made simple, fast and allow the maximum productivity.

MODULE VDC 350 Full Colour – The edge of the technology for the Security Printing

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